The Weekly Grind

  • The Benefits of A Guard After Dental Work

    As we all know, cosmetic procedures for your teeth can be a very expensive investment, so you want to ensure that once your smile is where you want it to be that you can protect it as much as possible. This goes not only for smiles enhanced by braces or aligners, but for veneers and other procedures. So what are the benefits of wearing a dental guard that go beyond how it protects you from clenching and grinding?
  • Your Teeth Are Important! And So Are Your Gums...

    Though the most direct stress created by bruxism lands on the surfaces of your teeth, it is important to understand that your gums need to also be healthy if you are treating your grinding and clenching habits. Your teeth rely on having a sturdy foundation to support them, which is where maintaining great health for your gums is paramount. So here are the key tips to ensuring that your gums are healthy and happy...
  • How To Take A Great Impression... Now With Photos!

    The majority of completed impressions that we receive from our customers for modeling their guards are perfectly made – and each of our customers make their own impression at home. For those who have had some issues or stumbled onto common mistakes, however, we’re always happy to send a replacement kit; that said, we thought it might be helpful to do a blog post with some images alongside our directions!
  • Coloriffic!: ClearClub's New Squad of Multi-Colored Guards

    We loved the feedback that we got on our initial multi-color offering, The Dynamic Duo (Fortune and Pepper), and we knew that a good number of our customers were still looking for something that was just a little more uniquely them. Which is all to say that we're very excited to share these new shades of guards, and we definitely did not hold back on the color explosion this time!