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The Weekly Grind

  • The Many Ways To Know It's Time To Replace Your Dental Guard

    These are just a handful of the expected, or unexpected, ways that you might find yourself suddenly in need of a new guard. When you're not expecting the expense of a replacement, you may not have the money saved for a guard that will cost a few hundred dollars... and that is where ClearClub comes in.
  • Working From Home is Challenging. Understand These Triggers... And Conquer Them!

    We know, having to work from home these past several weeks has been very challenging. It’s easy to get stuck in the same routines, every day! And that contributes to bad habits — namely, if you grind your teeth every day, you may be doing it even more now. There are a few things you can do to try to alleviate a bad habit like grinding your teeth while you are working, and here are some of our favorites...

  • What Is Bruxism, and How Can ClearClub Help?

    Bruxism can be a frustrating condition, but it is definitely treatable. Investing in a dental / night guard can relieve discomfort as well as save you money in dental and medical bills down the line. Now with ClearClub, that treatment is easier than ever.